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4-Door Wraparound- Provides a strong back-up advertising support in multi-directions to maximize your product image, impact and exposure.

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Fleet Wrap Services- A fresh and innovative way to provide your product with highest level of exposure which your fleet is actively commuting in the Malaysian roads.

Full Wraparound- Provides a mascot-like identity on a moving vehicle to promote strong brand presence.

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I-Boot Taxi Advertising- A unique display panel specially designed and strategically placed behind taxi trunk for eye-ball attention and allows captive audience with time to absorb your ad message.

In-Cabin Seat Pouch- To reinforce ad message for travelling passengers in a taxi vehicle with ample time to absorb your message. Suitable for tactical campaign and one-off promotional drive.

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LED Billboards- Large LED advertising billboard structure found on high-traffic areas that shows large visual images or video format to capture viewers with distinctive dynamic visuals and witty slogans.

LED Buntings- Electronic Buntings that are allocated alongside heavy traffic areas to showcase advertiser’s branding with multiple boards all in a stretched of road for longer viewing time and increases brand awareness.

LED Trucks- Travels on advertiser’s preferred routes to showcase product to targeted audience with images/ videos playing on screen to capture captive audience’s attention. Great for promotional activities or paired with on-ground activation activities.

Led Advertising
reflective wrap

Reflective Car-Wrap- High Quality adhesive decals with special properties that illuminates in low-visibility areas and nighttime brilliance for all moving vehicles which emphasize safety, product reinforcement, impact and exposure they need. Innovative ad pioneering advertising medium that breaks away from the ordinary.

Premium Taxi- Wrapped in colorful decals to showcase brand/product as these premium taxis parked alongside high end shopping malls/hotels to pick up clients.

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